'GRIP: A CRIMINAL'S STORY’, is an urban drama about an ex-con, Grip (Gorio), who struggles to make an honest living in society after serving 4 years in prison for drug possession.  After  an unsuccessful attempt at the straight life, he must return to the world of drugs and thugs he left behind, headed by his slyly elusive brother  Maurice (King Jeff).  Other characters include Grip's ex-girlfriend  Gwen (Renee' L. Winn), who has lost all hope that Grip will ever honestly provide for her and their daughter...Deon(Robert L. Wicker), Gwen's ex-drug dealing brother, now turned bible toting preacher...Detectives Reed and Carlson (Craig Deroche and Charlie Hollins, Jr.), who will stop at nothing to arrest and convict Maurice...Tony(El Timo), Maurice's smooth talking right hand man...and Mike(Brian Lanigan)and Lil' Mike(Jimmy D'Aquin), Maurice's two psychotic henchmen brothers, who have ambitions of taking over Maurice's business.  Full of interesting characters, dialogue and plot twists, the film is stylishly written and directed by King Jeff and Gorio. (Mature Language and Violence)1hour 59 minutes / Color

Grip: A Criminal's Story (DVD)

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