BANG is the chilling story of four police officers who find themselves captured and tormented in an abandoned garage by three masked gang members who have vowed to execute one of the cops every hour for reasons unknown.   As they contemplate the dreaded fate awaiting them each of the four cops reminisces about an incident that he was involved in that he believes may have landed him in the fatal predicament with the three mysterious gangsters.  BANG is a mixture of dark humor, explosive action and mystery and stars King Jeff, Roy Jackson, Gorio and Brian Lanigan as the four unfortunate cops and El Timo, Eddie Lacy and Charlie Hollins, Jr. as their three cold-blooded antagonists. Written and directed by King Jeff in a fast, fresh and unique style, BANG will keep you on the edge of your seats with its interesting plot and fine cast.(Mature Language and Violence)Color/90 Minutes


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