• King Jeff


ABOUT THE INDEPENDENT FILM MARKET The independent film market (particularly the online streaming market) is vastly becoming the place for independent, low-budget film makers to showcase their work. Just as the overseas theater once was a place where unsigned, non accepted (by major studios) film makers could turn to show their work, the online streaming venue has now eclipsed that market and has become the place for film makers with even the lowest budgeted film to find an audience. Unrated films, ultra violent films, xxx-rated films, short films, super-8 films and even movies shot with cell phones continue to gain approval from audiences. Even without the retailers or a distribution deal the internet has proven to be an exceptional outlet. Are the major studios in trouble as a result of this?...Not hardly...Audiences will continue to support their favorite big name film makers and actors. However, there are an extremely large number of people who grow tired of those big-budgeted, major studio films that are formulaic and predictable. Independent film makers can throw away the rule book and let anything happen at any given time in any given manner. There could never be too much blood or too much profanity or too much nudity or too much political incorrectness. Audiences thrive for movie variety and what better place to find it than on the internet. If an ultra low-budgeted film becomes hot enough online, no matter what format or genre, it can gross just as much as a some of the big budget projects...And once the big studios get wind of an independent low-budgeted film gaining a large audience and large profits, they may be willing to sign the film maker up, because there’s an audience there. There

are a large number of totally committed independent film makers who never seek backing from major studios, because they do quite well on their own...And because of the cult following that some independent films and film makers have gained, the independent film market is more likely to grow than to wither.

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