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Your source for TRULY INDEPENDENT films...
by film makers unafraid of diverting from the standard filmmaking formula... Award winning filmmakers, THE HOLLINS BROTHERS, doing it THEIR OWN WAY... From their hot, highly successful 'cult' classic action/thriller 'BANG to their hot, totally original ingenious mystery/thriller 'The Murder Men'... And their character driven urban mafia epic 'GRIP: A CRIMINAL'S STORY'.  The brothers will chill you with their found footage, horror classic ‘Shallow Creek Cult’ and the spine tingling, apocalyptic tale ‘Zombie Bite’. See their eclectic style of storytelling and their ability to tap into a wide range of movies from Silent Film, Hero Driven Animation, Stop Motion Animation, Action and Murder Mysteries.  So enter the exciting world of JeTi Films, the master filmmakers.  Enjoy their critically acclaimed film projects available for streaming on this site. Enter now and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.