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King Jeff and Gorio are multiple award winning filmmakers and owners of Louisiana based film production company JeTi Films and have been producing feature films since 1995. They wrote, directed and acted in the feature films Bang, The Murder Men, Grip: A Criminal's Story, Zombie Bite, Shallow Creek Cult, Tales from the Murder Room and Troubleshooters. They co-produced, directed and starred in Five Miles Straight Ahead, which is one of five films in Mike Lyddon's Horror Anthology Movie: Volume 1. King Jeff was the first filmmaker inducted onto the Louisiana Artist Roster and has received a certificate of appreciation from the Mayor of New Orleans for teaching the art of filmmaking to at risk kids.

When deadly, laser blasting home and business security robots begin turning on the people they are assigned to protect, an organization known as 'Troubleshooters' are called upon to disable the robots and restore order.

Follow Louisiana homicide detectives as they interview suspects, victims, witnesses and others related to murder and interrogate those involved in murder, in the most original, clever and stylishly unique detective movie to date.

In this found video footage horror genre feature, two brothers, Getty and Jessie Carmichael, drive 90 miles to Shallow Creek, Louisiana to honor their deceased grandfather's final request to spread his ashes over the Shallow Creek camp site pond. They stumble across a viciously cannibalistic and mysterious cult, presumed responsible for the bloody massacres of various grisly murders.

Grip Pic 2024_edited.jpg

After betting a fellow inmate he would not return to
prison, recently released ex-con, Grip, tries to make an honest living but is soon re-introduced to the world of
guns and thugs headed by his older brother Maurice.


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